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Reconnect to your true nature


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Reconnect with Carlijn Geluk

Reconnect is a community-driven space for conscious content, gatherings & sacred journeys. A safe space for you to reconnect to your true nature, in the presence of community. 


Our world has been characterized by fear, individualism & apathy for too long. Though we are wired for connection, love & abundance. This is our birthright.

I made it my quest for us to reclaim this.

Coming home to yourself 

"This is not a search, this is not somebody you find, this is about embracing all parts of you, you used to deny. This is about surrendering to who you were all along.  This is not about leaving, this is about coming home.  

Home into your own body, home into your own soul.

To reconnect & become familiar with. It is about knowing intuitively what roads to follow, which people to welcome on your questo your truest & highest Self. And oh, what a familiar feeling it is, to come home to yourself, in the presence of community"

Carlijn, March 2020

Weekly Yoga Ritual

Gather with us and reconnect to your sacredness through our weekly yoga rituals. We will gather to release the old & set intentions for the new, after which we will integrate and anchor this new awareness during a gentle yoga practice. 


Every Monday 

Zoom 7:15 PM - 8:45 PM 

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Spirit Library

Reconnect to body, mind & heart through guided meditations, yoga classes, and weekly written content (poetry, blogposts & research) 

Sacred Sister Circle

spring 21

The power of community and the power of women. Imagine those two together? Uniting in order to rise, in order to step into our power. In the presence of your sister tribe, we will open our hearts to the infinite possibilities that lie within us. Let's heal, overcome and connect. It is time to reconnect to our birthright. Our birthright to shine and thrive. Share our gifts with the world.


Scandinavian Immersion

summer 2021

Reconnect to your true nature by immersing yourself in a place that breaths freedom and adventure: Scandinavia! 

What people say

“Everyone was understanding not only of the best parts that we presented, but we were also understanding on the worst parts of each other. There were a lot of things that could make you uncomfortable and when you are uncomfortable, your society personality goes away and your real personality comes back. 90% of the time it was empathy within the group and that is what made the trip so strong and memorable. ”


Participant The Impact Expedition 2020

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